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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009On the variation of the tropospheric ozone over Indian region in relation to the meteorological parametersPatil SD; Thompson B; Revadekar JV
22009Variability of mini cold pool off the southern tip of India as revealed from a thermodynamic upper ocean modelGaner DW; Deo AA; Gnanaseelan C 
32009A study of lightning activity over land and oceanic regions of IndiaNath A; Manohar GK ; Dani KK ; Devara PCS 
42009Energetics of lower tropospheric ultra-long waves: A key to intra-seasonal variability of Indian monsoonBawiskar SM; Chipade MD; Puranik PV
52006Observed intraseasonal variability of mini-cold pool off the southern tip of India and its intrusion into the south central Bay of Bengal during summer monsoon seasonRao RR; Girish Kumar MS; Ravichandran M ; Samala BK; Anitha G 
62009Seasonal variation of lightning activity over the Indian subcontinentRanalkar MR ; Chaudhari HS
72012Study of the microphysical properties associated with the Monsoon Intraseasonal Oscillation as seen from the TRMM observationsHalder M; Mukhopadhyay P; Halder S
82012Interannual variability of indian summer monsoon arising from interactions between seasonal mean and intraseasonal oscillationsSuhas E; Neena JM; Goswami BN
92012Processes of 30-90 days sea surface temperature variability in the northern Indian Ocean during boreal summerVialard J; Jayakumar A; Gnanaseelan C; Lengaigne M; Sengupta D ; Goswami BN
102010Active and break spells of the indian summer monsoonRajeevan M.; Gadgil S.; Bhate J.