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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013On the detection of onset and activity of the Indian summer monsoon using GPS RO refractivity profilesJagannadha Rao V.V.M. ; Venkat Ratnam M.; Durga Santhi Y. ; Roja Raman M. ; Rajeevan M.; Vijaya Bhaskara Rao S.
22013Large scale features and assessment of spatial scale correspondence between TMPA and IMD rainfall datasets over Indian landmassUma R. ; Kumar T.V.L. ; Narayanan M.S.; Rajeevan M.; Bhate J. ; Kumar K.N. 
32011Intriguing aspects of the monsoon low-level jet over peninsular india revealed by high-resolution GPS radiosonde observationsRoja Raman M.; Venkat Ratnam M.; Rajeevan M.; Jagannadha Rao V.V.M.; Bhaskara Rao S.V. 
42010Active and break spells of the indian summer monsoonRajeevan M.; Gadgil S.; Bhate J.
52015Observed changes in southwest monsoon rainfall over India during 1901-2011Guhathakurta P. ; Rajeevan M.; Sikka D.R.; Tyagi A.
62013Identification and validation of homogeneous rainfall zones in India using correlation analysisSaikranthi K. ; Narayana Rao T.; Rajeevan M.; Vijaya Bhaskara Rao S.
72015Development and evaluation of an objective criterion for the real-time prediction of Indian summer monsoon onset in a coupled model frameworkJoseph S.; Sahai A.K. ; Abhilash S.; Chattopadhyay R.; Borah N.; Mapes B.E. ; Rajeevan M.; Kumar A.
82015Analysis of the daily rainfall events over India using a new long period (1901??2010) high resolution (0.25° ? 0.25°) gridded rainfall data setPai D.S.; Sridhar L. ; Badwaik M.R. ; Rajeevan M.
92013Enhancement of inland penetration of monsoon depressions in the Bay of Bengal due to prestorm ground wetnessKishtawal C.M. ; Niyogi D.; Rajagopalan B.; Rajeevan M.; Jaiswal N. ; Mohanty U.C.
102007Did unusual warming over the mid and higher latitudes play some role in causing the unprecedented failure of the southwest monsoon during July 2002?Srivastava A.K.; Guhathakurta P.; Rajeevan M.; Dikshit S.K. ; Kshirsagar S.R.