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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Significant influence of the boreal summer monsoon flow on the Indian Ocean response during dipole eventsKrishnan R; Swapna P 
22009Internal feedbacks from monsoon-midlatitude interactions during droughts in the Indian summer monsoonKrishnan R; Kumar V; Sugi M; Yoshimura J 
32006Indian Ocean-monsoon coupled interactions and impending monsoon droughtsKrishnan R; Ramesh KV; Samala BK; Meyers G ; Slingo JM ; Fennessy MJ 
42013High resolution simulation of the South Asian monsoon using a variable resolution global climate modelP Sabin T ; Krishnan R; Ghattas J ; Denvil S ; Dufresne JL ; Hourdin F ; Pascal T 
52013Will the South Asian monsoon overturning circulation stabilize any further?Krishnan R; Sabin TP; Ayantika DC; Kitoh A; Sugi M; Murakami H ; Turner AG; Slingo JM; Rajendran K 
62012Monsoon circulation interaction with Western Ghats orography under changing climate: Projection by a 20-km mesh AGCMRajendran K; Kitoh A; Srinivasan J; Mizuta R ; Krishnan R
72011Dynamical response of the South Asian monsoon trough to latent heating from stratiform and convective precipitationChoudhury AD ; Krishnan R
82011The crucial role of ocean-atmosphere coupling on the Indian monsoon anomalous response during dipole eventsKrishnan R; Sundaram S ; Swapna P; Kumar V; Ayantika DC; Mujumdar M 
92011Precipitation variability over the South Asian monsoon heat low and associated teleconnectionsSaeed S; Muller WA ; Hagemann S ; Jacob D; Mujumdar M ; Krishnan R
102011The long-lived monsoon depressions of 2006 and their linkage with the Indian Ocean DipoleKrishnan R; Ayantika DC; Kumar V; Pokhrel S