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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Impact of elevated aerosol layer on the cloud macrophysical properties prior to monsoon onsetDipu S; Prabha TV; Pandithurai G ; Dudhia J ; Pfister G ; Rajesh K; Goswami BN
22012Modulation of ISOs by land-atmosphere feedback and contribution to the interannual variability of Indian summer monsoonSaha SK; Halder S; Suryachandra Rao A; Goswami BN
32006An empirical rule for extended range prediction of duration of Indian summer monsoon breaksDwivedi S ; Mittal AK ; Goswami BN
42012Dynamics of east-west asymmetry of Indian summer monsoon rainfall trends in recent decadesKonwar M; Parekh A; Goswami BN
52012Interannual variability of indian summer monsoon arising from interactions between seasonal mean and intraseasonal oscillationsSuhas E; Neena JM; Goswami BN
62012Pacific coral oxygen isotope and the tropospheric temperature gradient over the Asian monsoon region: A tool to reconstruct past Indian summer monsoon rainfallChakraborty S; Goswami BN; Dutta K
72012Possible role of warm SST bias in the simulation of boreal summer monsoon in SINTEX-F2 coupled modelJoseph S; Sahai AK; Goswami BN; Terray P; Masson S; Luo JJ
82009Eastward propagating MJO during boreal summer and Indian monsoon droughtsJoseph S ; Sahai AK ; Goswami BN
92012Processes of 30-90 days sea surface temperature variability in the northern Indian Ocean during boreal summerVialard J; Jayakumar A; Gnanaseelan C; Lengaigne M; Sengupta D ; Goswami BN
102007An objective definition of the Indian summer monsoon season and a new perspective on the ENSO-monsoon relationshipXavier PK; Marzin C ; Goswami BN