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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Seasonal variation of lightning activity over the Indian subcontinentRanalkar MR ; Chaudhari HS
22013Model biases in long coupled runs of NCEP CFS in the context of Indian summer monsoonChaudhari HS; Pokhrel S; Saha SK; Dhakate A; Yadav RK; Salunke K; Mahapatra S; Sabeerali CT; Rao SA
32012ENSO, IOD and Indian Summer Monsoon in NCEP climate forecast systemPokhrel S; Chaudhari HS; Saha SK; Dhakate A; Yadav RK; Salunke K; Mahapatra S; Rao SA
42007Response of the East Asian summer monsoon to doubled atmospheric CO2: Coupled climate model simulations and projections under IPCC AR4Kripalani RH; Oh JH; Chaudhari HS
52013Status of NCEP CFS vis-a-vis IPCC AR4 models for the simulation of Indian summer monsoonPokhrel S; Dhakate A; Chaudhari HS; Saha SK
62013Influence of Eurasian snow on Indian summer monsoon in NCEP CFSv2 freerunSaha SK ; Pokhrel S; Chaudhari HS
72010Unusual central Indian drought of summer monsoon 2008: Role of southern tropical Indian Ocean warmingRao SA; Chaudhari HS; Pokhrel S; Goswami BN
82010Delayed influence of the Indian Ocean dipole mode on the East Asia-West Pacific monsoon: Possible mechanismKripalani RH; Oh JH; Chaudhari HS
92010Understanding of anomalous Indian Summer Monsoon rainfall of 2002 and 1994Chaudhari HS; Shinde MA; Oh JH
102014Improved simulation of Indian summer monsoon in latest NCEP climate forecast system free runSaha SK; Pokhrel S; Chaudhari HS; Dhakate A; Shewale S; Sabeerali CT; Salunke K; Hazra A; Mahapatra S; Rao AS