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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012Effect of dust and anthropogenic aerosols on columnar aerosol optical properties over Darjeeling (2200 m asl), Eastern Himalayas, IndiaChatterjee A; Ghosh SK ; Adak A ; Singh AK; Devara PCS ; Raha S 
22012Vertical profiles of black carbon aerosols over the urban locations in South IndiaSafai PD; Raju MP; Maheshkumar RS; Kulkarni JR; Rao PSP; Devara PCS 
32009Chemical characterization of water-soluble aerosols in different residential environments of semi aridregion of IndiaKulshrestha A ; Bisht DS; Masih J ; Massey D ; Tiwari S; Taneja A 
42005Trend of atmospheric aerosols over the north western Himalayan region, IndiaGajananda K; Kuniyal JC; Momin GA; Rao PSP; Safai PD; Tiwari S; Ali K
52009Black carbon and chemical characteristics of PM10 and PM 2.5 at an urban site of North IndiaTiwari S; Srivastava AK ; Bisht DS ; Bano T ; Singh S; Behura S ; Srivastava MK ; Chate DM; Padmanabhamurty B 
62009Brown clouds over South Asia: Biomass or fossil fuel combustion?Gustafsson A ; Krusa M ; Zencak Z ; Sheesley RJ ; Granat L; Engstrom E ; Praveen PS; Rao PSP; Leck C ; Rodhe H
72006A GIS based methodology for gridding of large-scale emission inventories: Application to carbon-monoxide emissions over Indian regionDalvi M ; Beig G; Patil U ; Kaginalkar A ; Sharma C; Mitra AP
82012Contribution of anthropogenic aerosols in direct radiative forcing and atmospheric heating rate over Delhi in the Indo-Gangetic BasinSrivastava AK; Singh S; Tiwari S; Bisht DS
92012Seasonal factors influencing in chemical composition of total suspended particles at pune, IndiaAli K; Budhavant KB; Safai PD; Rao PSP
102007Seasonal variation of black carbon aerosols over a tropical urban city of Pune, IndiaSafai PD; Kewat S; Praveen PS; Rao PSP; Momin GA; Ali K; Devara PCS