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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Exposure-plant response of ambient ozone over the tropical Indian regionRoy SD ; Beig G; Ghude SD 
22013Application of satellite observations for identifying regions of dominant sources of nitrogen oxides over the indian subcontinentGhude SD; Kulkarni SH; Jena C; Pfister GG; Beig G; Fadnavis S; Van Der RJ 
32013Quantifying the effect of air quality control measures during the 2010 Commonwealth Games at Delhi, IndiaBeig G; Chate DM; Ghude SD; Mahajan AS; Srinivas R; Ali K; Sahu SK; Parkhi N ; Surendran D ; Trimbake HR 
42011Emissions inventory of anthropogenic PM2.5 and PM10 in Delhi during Commonwealth Games 2010Sahu SK; Beig G; Parkhi NS
52011Anomalous low tropospheric column ozone over Eastern India during the severe drought event of monsoon 2002: A case studyGhude SD; Kulkarni SH; Kulkarni PS; Kanawade VP; Fadnavis S; Pokhrel S; Jena C; Beig G; Bortoli D 
62011Vertical transport of ozone and CO during super cyclones in the Bay of Bengal as detected by Tropospheric Emission SpectrometerFadnavis S; Beig G; Buchunde P ; Ghude SD; Krishnamurti TN
72014The linkages of anthropogenic emissions and meteorology in the rapid increase of particulate matter at a foothill city in the Arawali range of IndiaYadav R; Beig G; Jaaffrey SNA
82014Air quality in Delhi during the Commonwealth GamesMarrapu P ; Cheng Y ; Beig G; Sahu S; Srinivas R; Carmichael GR 
92013Evaluating population exposure to environmental pollutants during Deepavali fireworks displays using air quality measurements of the SAFAR networkBeig G; Chate DM; Ghude SD; Ali K; Satpute T ; Sahu SK; Parkhi N; Trimbake HK
102014Impacts of the high loadings of primary and secondary aerosols on light extinction at Delhi during wintertimeTiwari S; Srivastava AK; Chate DM; Safai PD; Bisht DS; Srivastava MK; Beig G