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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006Seasonal variation of trend in temperature and ozone over the tropical stratosphere in the Northern HemisphereFadnavis S; Beig G
22006Influence of anthropogenic emissions on tropospheric ozone and its precursors over the Indian tropical region during a monsoonBeig G; Brasseur GP
32009Quasi-biennial oscillation in ozone and temperature over tropicsFadnavis S; Beig G
42012Decadal solar signal in ozone and temperature through the mesosphere of Northern tropicsFadnavis S; Beig G; Chakraborti T
52012Effect of lightning activity on surface NOPawar V; Pawar SD; Beig G; Sahu SK
62012Inter-comparison of 11-year solar cycle response in mesospheric ozone and temperature obtained by HALOE satellite data and HAMMONIA modelBeig G; Fadnavis S; Schmidt H ; Brasseur GP
72016Role of long-range transport and local meteorology in seasonal variation of surface ozone and its precursors at an urban site in IndiaYadav R; Sahu LK; Beig G; Jaffrey SNA 
82015Air quality simulation over South Asia using Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution version-2 (HTAP-v2) emission inventory and Model for Ozone and Related chemical Tracers (MOZART-4)Surendran DE; Ghude SD; Beig G; Emmons LK ; Jena C; Rajesh K; Pfister GG; Chate DM
92014Deviations from the O3-NO-NO2 photo-stationary state in Delhi, IndiaChate DM; Ghude SD; Beig G; Mahajan AS; Jena C ; Srinivas R ; Dahiya A ; Kumar N 
102014Distributions of ozone and related trace gases at an urban site in western IndiaYadav R ; Sahu LK ; Jaaffrey SNA ; Beig G