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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Premature mortality in India due to PM2.5 and ozone exposureGhude SD; Chate DM; Jena C; Beig G; Kumar R; Barth MC; Pfister GG; Fadnavis S; Pithani P 
22016Quantifying the sectoral contribution of pollution transport from South Asia during summer and winter monsoon seasons in support of HTAP-2 experimentSurendran DE; Ghude SD; Beig G; Jena C; Chate DM
32015Air quality simulation over South Asia using Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution version-2 (HTAP-v2) emission inventory and Model for Ozone and Related chemical Tracers (MOZART-4)Surendran DE; Ghude SD; Beig G; Emmons LK ; Jena C; Rajesh K; Pfister GG; Chate DM
42014Deviations from the O3-NO-NO2 photo-stationary state in Delhi, IndiaChate DM; Ghude SD; Beig G; Mahajan AS; Jena C ; Srinivas R ; Dahiya A ; Kumar N 
52013Application of satellite observations for identifying regions of dominant sources of nitrogen oxides over the indian subcontinentGhude SD; Kulkarni SH; Jena C; Pfister GG; Beig G; Fadnavis S; Van Der RJ 
62011Anomalous low tropospheric column ozone over Eastern India during the severe drought event of monsoon 2002: A case studyGhude SD; Kulkarni SH; Kulkarni PS; Kanawade VP; Fadnavis S; Pokhrel S; Jena C; Beig G; Bortoli D 
72014Estimation of the lifetime of nitrogen oxides over India using SCIAMACHY observationsJena C; Ghude SD; Blond N ; Beig G; Chate DM; Fadnavis S; Van der RJA 
82014Reductions in India's crop yield due to ozoneGhude SD; Jena C; Chate DM; Beig G; Pfister GG; Kumar R; Ramanathan V
92015Influence of springtime biomass burning in South Asia on regional ozone (O3): A model based case studyJena C; Ghude SD; Pfister GG ; Chate DM; Kumar R; Beig G; Surendran DE; Fadnavis S; Lal DM
102015Inter-comparison of different NOX emission inventories and associated variation in simulated surface ozone in Indian regionJena C; Ghude SD; Beig G; Chate DM; Kumar R; Pfister GG ; Lal DM; Surendran DE; Fadnavis S; van der A RJ