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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Carbonaceous aerosols over Pune and Hyderabad (India) and influence of meteorological factorsAli K; Panicker AS; Beig G; Srinivas R; Acharja P 
22013Assessments of population exposure to environmental pollutants using air quality measurements during Commonwealth Games-2010Chate D ; Beig G; Satpute T; Sahu SK; Ali K; Parkhi N; Ghude S
32006Behavior of boundary layer ozone and its precursors over a great alluvial plain of the world: Indo-Gangetic plainsBeig G; Ali K
42009Sink mechanism for significantly low level of ozone over the Arabian Sea during monsoonAli K; Beig G; Chate DM; Momin GA; Sahu SK ; Safai PD
52016Large inter annual variation in air quality during the annual festival Diwali in an Indian megacityParkhi N; Chate DM; Ghude SD; Peshin S; Mahajan A; Srinivas R; Surendran D; Ali K; Singh S; Trimbake H ; Beig G
62012Surface ozone scenario at Pune and Delhi during the decade of 1990sAli K; Inamdar SR; Beig G; Ghude S; Peshin S
72014Impact of meteorological parameters on the development of fine and coarse particles over DelhiTrivedi DK; Ali K; Beig G
82013Radiative forcing of black carbon over DelhiSurendran DE ; Beig G; Ghude SD; Panicker AS; Manoj MG ; Chate DM; Ali K
92013Quantifying the effect of air quality control measures during the 2010 Commonwealth Games at Delhi, IndiaBeig G; Chate DM; Ghude SD; Mahajan AS; Srinivas R; Ali K; Sahu SK; Parkhi N ; Surendran D ; Trimbake HR 
102011Below-cloud rain scavenging of atmospheric aerosols for aerosol deposition modelsChate DM; Murugavel P; Ali K; Tiwari S; Beig G