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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
112-May-2017City's pollution app goes live today
212-Nov-2017Slight dip in pollution levels
32018The local and global climate forcings induced inhomogeneity of Indian rainfallNair P.J. ; Chakraborty A. ; Varikoden H. ; Francis P.A. ; Kuttippurath J. 
42016Large-scale air-sea coupling processes in the Bay of Bengal using space-borne observationsSharma R.; Agarwal N. ; Chakraborty A.; Mallick S. ; Buckley J. ; Shesu V. ; Tandon A. 
52012Quantifying the reliability of precipitation datasets for monitoring large-scale East Asian precipitation variationsSohn SJ ; Tam CY ; Ashok K; Ahn JB
61996Multiispectral radiometric measurements of aerosol optical thickness around the total solar eclipse of 24 october 1995 over Robertgunj, IndiaDani KK ; Devara PCS 
72009Extremes in total ozone content over northern IndiaPatil SD; Revadekar JV
81-Aug-2017IMD helps farmers, tourist & health depths; city become warmer over yearsMarar, Anjali 
917-May-2017Transport biggest CO, NOx contributorKaushik, Himanshu 
102016What controls seasonal evolution of sea surface temperature in the Bay of Bengal?: Mixed layer heat budget analysis using moored buoy observations along 90°EThangaprakash V.P.; Girishkumar M.S.; Suprit K.; Suresh Kumar N. ; Chaudhuri D. ; Dinesh K. ; Kumar A.; Shivaprasad S. ; Ravichandran M.; Farrar J.T. ; Sundar R.; Weller R.A.