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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2020Mitigation of PM2.5 and ozone pollution in Delhi. a sensitivity study during the pre-monsoon periodChen Y. ; Wild O. ; Ryan E. ; Sahu S.K. ; Lowe D. ; Archer-Nicholls S. ; Wang Y. ; McFiggans G. ; Ansari T. ; Singh V. ; Sokhi R.S. ; Archibald A. ; Beig G. 
21-Feb-2020A diagnostic study of cloud physics and lightning flash rates in a severepre-monsoon thunderstorm over northeast IndiaChoudhury B.A. ; Konwar M. ; Hazra A. ; Mohan G.M. ; Pithani P. ; Ghude S.D. ; Deshamukhya A. ; Barth M.C. 
31-Mar-2020Objective evaluation of stubble emission of North India and quantifying its impact on air quality of DelhiBeig G. ; Sahu S.K. ; Singh V. ; Tikle S. ; Sobhana S.B. ; Gargeva P. ; Ramakrishna K. ; Rathod A. ; Murthy B.S. 
41-Feb-2020Interdecadal modulation of the Indo-western Pacific Ocean Capacitor mode and its influence on Indian summer monsoon rainfallDarshana P. ; Chowdary J.S. ; Gnanaseelan C. ; Parekh A. ; Srinivas G. 
51-Feb-2020Investigation of raindrops fall velocity during different monsoon seasons over the Western Ghats, IndiaDas S.K. ; Simon S. ; Kolte Y.K. ; Murali Krishna U.V. ; Deshpande S.M. ; Hazra A. 
61-Jun-2020Physico-chemical characterization and sink mechanism of atmospheric aerosols over South-west IndiaBudhavant K.B. ; Gawhane R.D. ; Rao P.S.P. ; Nair H.R.C.R. ; Safai P.D. 
71-Feb-2020Impact of excess and deficit river runoff on Bay of Bengal upper ocean characteristics using an ocean general circulation modelDandapat S. ; Gnanaseelan C. ; Parekh A. 
81-Feb-2020Representation of the Reynolds stress tensor through quadrant analysis for a near-neutral atmospheric surface layer flowChowdhuri S. ; Deb Burman P.K. 
91-Jul-2020Persistence analysis of velocity and temperature fluctuations in convective surface layer turbulenceChowdhuri S. ; Kalmár-Nagy T. ; Banerjee T. 
101-Jan-2020Eddy covariance measurements of CO2 exchange from agro-ecosystems located in subtropical (India) and boreal (Finland) climatic conditionsDeb Burman P.K. ; Shurpali N.J. ; Chowdhuri S. ; Karipot A. ; Chakraborty S. ; Lind S.E. ; Martikainen P.J. ; Chellappan S. ; Arola A. ; Tiwari Y.K. ; Murugavel P. ; Gurnule D. ; Todekar K. ; Prabhakaran Thara