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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009A study of lightning activity over land and oceanic regions of IndiaNath A; Manohar GK ; Dani KK ; Devara PCS 
22009Pre-monsoon Zonal Wind Index over Tibetan Plateau and sub-seasonal Indian summer monsoon rainfall variabilityDugam SS; Bansod SP ; Kakade SB
32009Reduced near-surface thermal inversions in 2005-06 in the southeastern Arabian Sea (Lakshadweep Sea)Nisha K ; Rao SA; Gopalakrishna VV; Rao RR; Girishkumar MS ; Pankajakshan T ; Ravichandran M ; Rajesh S; Girish K ; Johnson Z ; Anuradha M ; Gavaskar SSM ; Suneel V; Krishna SM 
45-Jun-2017Integrating weather reporting in India: The big challenge
52009Energetics of lower tropospheric ultra-long waves: A key to intra-seasonal variability of Indian monsoonBawiskar SM; Chipade MD; Puranik PV
62009On northward movement of convergence zones along west coast of India in a real-time forecastTaraphdar S ; Sanjay J; Mukhopadhyay P
72009Black carbon and chemical characteristics of PM10 and PM 2.5 at an urban site of North IndiaTiwari S; Srivastava AK ; Bisht DS ; Bano T ; Singh S; Behura S ; Srivastava MK ; Chate DM; Padmanabhamurty B 
82013Diurnal and seasonal variations of black carbon and PM2.5 over New Delhi, India: Influence of meteorologyTiwari S; Srivastava AK; Bisht DS; Parmita P ; Srivastava MK; Attri SD
92009Brown clouds over South Asia: Biomass or fossil fuel combustion?Gustafsson A ; Krusa M ; Zencak Z ; Sheesley RJ ; Granat L; Engstrom E ; Praveen PS; Rao PSP; Leck C ; Rodhe H
102006An empirical rule for extended range prediction of duration of Indian summer monsoon breaksDwivedi S ; Mittal AK ; Goswami BN