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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Out-of-phase relationships between convection over northwest India and warm pool region during the winter seasonYadav RK; Rupa Kumar K; Rajeevan M 
22009Increasing influence of ENSO and decreasing influence of AO/NAO in the recent decades over northwest India winter precipitationYadav RK; Rupa Kumar K; Rajeevan M 
32009Chemical characterization of water-soluble aerosols in different residential environments of semi aridregion of IndiaKulshrestha A ; Bisht DS; Masih J ; Massey D ; Tiwari S; Taneja A 
42009Aerosol effects in the UV-B spectral region over Pune, an urban site in IndiaPanicker AS ; Pandithurai G ; Takamura T ; Pinker RT
52009Surface ozone variability over western Maharashtra, IndiaDebaje SB; Kakade AD 
62009Chemistry of monsoon and post-monsoon rains at a high altitude location, Sinhagad, IndiaBudhavant KB ; Rao PSP; Safai PD; Ah K 
72006Unraveling the mystery of Indian monsoon failure during El NinoKumar KK; Rajagopalan B; Hoerling M ; Bates G ; Cane M 
82006Influence of anthropogenic emissions on tropospheric ozone and its precursors over the Indian tropical region during a monsoonBeig G; Brasseur GP
92005Trend of atmospheric aerosols over the north western Himalayan region, IndiaGajananda K; Kuniyal JC; Momin GA; Rao PSP; Safai PD; Tiwari S; Ali K
102015Characterization of the Seasonal Circulation Patterns and Its Application on Oil Spill Transport in the Northwestern Continental Shelf of IndiaSalim M ; Nayak RK ; Mohanthy PC ; Sasamal SK ; Dadhwal VK ; Dutt CBS ; Rao MS