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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Role of transport in elevated CO levels over Delhi during onset phase of monsoonSrinivas R; Beig G; Peshin SK
22016Quantifying the sectoral contribution of pollution transport from South Asia during summer and winter monsoon seasons in support of HTAP-2 experimentSurendran DE; Ghude SD; Beig G; Jena C; Chate DM
32016Sensitivity of online coupled model to extreme pollution event over a mega city DelhiSrinivas R; Panicker AS; Parkhi NS ; Peshin SK; Beig G
42011Long-term trends in the temperature of the mesosphere/lower thermosphere region: 1. Anthropogenic influencesBeig G
52012Surface ozone scenario at Pune and Delhi during the decade of 1990sAli K; Inamdar SR; Beig G; Ghude S; Peshin S
62012Decadal solar signal in ozone and temperature through the mesosphere of Northern tropicsFadnavis S; Beig G; Chakraborti T
72012Effect of lightning activity on surface NOPawar V; Pawar SD; Beig G; Sahu SK
82012An overview of CAWSES-India program with emphasis to equatorial atmospheric coupling processesRao PB; Beig G; Dabas RS ; Ramkumar G ; Gurubaran S; Rao KG ; Manoharan PK ; Patra AK; Ravindran S; Pant TK ; Venkat Ratnam M; Chakravarty SC ; Sridharan R 
92012Inter-comparison of 11-year solar cycle response in mesospheric ozone and temperature obtained by HALOE satellite data and HAMMONIA modelBeig G; Fadnavis S; Schmidt H ; Brasseur GP
102017Seasonal variation of urban heat island and its impact on air-quality using SAFAR observations at Delhi, IndiaAslam MY; Krishna KR ; Beig G; Tinmaker MIR; Chate DM