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12016Preliminary results of an algorithm to determine the total absorption coefficient of waterThayapurath S. ; Talaulikar M. ; Desa E.J.A. ; Lotliker A. 
22015IMPACT ASSESSMENT of TROPICAL CYCLONE HUD HUD on COASTAL REGION of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaVivek G. ; Srinivasa Kumar T. 
32014Airborne LiDAR and high resolution satellite data for rapid 3D feature extractionJawak S.D. ; Panditrao S.N. ; Luis A.J. 
42015Impact assessment of tropical cyclone Hud Hud on coastal region of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaVivek G. ; Srinivasa Kumar T. 
52016Identification of coral reef feature using hyperspectral remote sensingMohanty P.C. ; Panditrao S. ; Mahendra R.S. ; Shiva Kumar H. ; Srinivasa Kumar T. 
62016Relation between tropical cyclone heat potential and cyclone intensity in the North Indian OceanJangir B. ; Swain D. ; Udaya Bhaskar T.V.S. 
72016Optical characterization and assessment of ocean colour algorithms in Chilika LagoonLotliker A.A. ; Sahoo S. ; Baliarsingh S.K. ; Parida C. ; Sahu K.C. 
82016Evaluation of MODIS/CERES downwelling shortwave and longwave radiation over global tropical oceansVenugopal T. ; Rahaman H. ; Ravichandran M. ; Ramakrishna S.S.V.S. 
92014Enhanced urban landcover classification for operational change detection study using very high resolution remote sensing dataJawak S.D. ; Panditrao S.N. ; Luis A.J. 
102019Reconstruction of the state space figure of indian ocean dipoleMajumder S. ; Balakrishnan Nair T.M. ; Kiran Kumar N.