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Issue Date / Event DateTitleAuthor(s)/Editor(s)
11-Dec-2001Aerosol measurements using lidar ,radiometers at Pune during INDOEX field phasesMaheskumar R.S. ; Devara P.C.S. ; Raj P.E. ; Jaya Rao Y. ; Pandithurai G. ; Dani K.K. ; Saha S.K. ; Sonbawne S.M. ; Tiwari Y.K. 
21-Mar-2020Multi-spectral nephelometer characterization of urban aerosolsDevara P.C.S. ; Vijayakumar K. ; Safai P.D. 
31-Jan-2019Study of aerosols over Indian subcontinent during El Nino and La Nina events: Inferring land-air-sea interactionDevara P.C.S. ; Vijayakumar K. ; Sonbawne S.M. ; Giles D.M. ; Holben B.N. ; Rao S.V.B. ; Jayasankar C.K. 
41-Feb-2018Cloud Condensation Nuclei over the Bay of Bengal during the Indian Summer MonsoonChate D.M. ; Waghmare R.T. ; Jena C.K. ; Gopalkrishnan V. ; Murugavel P. ; Ghude S.D. ; Kulkarni Rachana ; Devara P.C.S. 
51-Jan-2018Aerosol characteristics in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere region during successive and contrasting Indian summer monsoon seasonSrivastava A.K. ; Kumar D. ; Misra A. ; Kanawade V.P. ; Pathak V. ; Tiwari S. ; Devara P.C.S. 
61-May-2016Diurnal asymmetry in slant column density of NO2, O3, H2O and O4 during CAIPEEX–IGOC over Mahabubnagar, a rural site in Southern Peninsular IndiaMeena G.S. ; Devara P.C.S. ; Patil M.N. 
71-Feb-2019Year-long variability of the fossil fuel and wood burning black carbon components at a rural site in southern Delhi outskirtsDumka U.C. ; Kaskaoutis D.G. ; Devara P.C.S. ; Kumar R. ; Kumar S. ; Tiwari S. ; Gerasopoulos E. ; Mihalopoulos N. 
81-Jan-2016Atmospheric abundances of black carbon aerosols and their radiative impact over an urban and a rural site in SW IndiaRaju M.P. ; Safai P.D. ; Vijaykumar K. ; Devara P.C.S. ; Naidu C.V. ; Rao P.S.P. ; Pandithurai G. 
91-Jan-2016Aerosol characteristics in the UTLS region: A satellite-based study over north IndiaSrivastava A.K. ; Misra A. ; Kanawade V.P. ; Devara P.C.S. 
101-Sep-2016Effects of agriculture crop residue burning on aerosol properties and long-range transport over northern India: A study using satellite data and model simulationsVijaykumar K. ; Safai P.D. ; Devara P.C.S. ; Rao S.V.B. ; Jayasankar C.K.