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Issue Date / Event DateTitleAuthor(s)/Editor(s)
11-Aug-2019Spatial and temporal variation of atmospheric particulate matter in Bangalore: A technology-intensive region in IndiaDevaraj S. ; Tiwari S. ; Ramaraju H.K. ; Dumka U.C. ; Sateesh M. ; Parmita P. ; Shivashankara G.P. 
21-Oct-2019Surface solar radiation and its association with aerosol characteristics at an urban station in the Indo-Gangetic Basin: Implication to radiative effectKumar S. ; Srivastava A.K. ; Pathak V. ; Bisht D.S. ; Tiwari S. 
31-Oct-2018Chemical characteristics of atmospheric aerosol at Alaknanda valley (Srinagar) in the Central Himalaya region, IndiaGautam A.S. ; Negi R.S. ; Singh Santosh ; Srivastava A.K. ; Tiwari S. ; Bisht D.S. 
41-Feb-2018PM2.5 pollution from household solid fuel burning practices in Central India: 2. Application of receptor models for source apportionmentMatawle J.L. ; Pervez S. ; Deb M. K. ; Shrivastava A. ; Tiwari S. 
51-Jan-2018Aerosol characteristics in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere region during successive and contrasting Indian summer monsoon seasonSrivastava A.K. ; Kumar D. ; Misra A. ; Kanawade V.P. ; Pathak V. ; Tiwari S. ; Devara P.C.S. 
61-Jun-2018Scattering and absorption characteristics of aerosols at an urban megacity over IGB: Implications to radiative forcingSrivastava A.K. ; Bisht D.S. ; Singh S. ; Kishore N. ; Soni V.K. ; Singh Siddhartha ; Tiwari S. 
71-Feb-2018Most probable mixing state of aerosols in Delhi NCR, northern IndiaSrivastava P. ; Dey Sagnik ; Srivastava A.K. ; Singh S. ; Tiwari S. 
81-Dec-2017First results from light scattering enhancement factor over central Indian Himalayas during GVAX campaignDumka U.C. ; Kaskaoutis D.G. ; Sagar R. ; Chen J. ; Singh Narendra ; Tiwari S. 
91-Nov-2017Aerosol emission factors from traditional biomass cookstoves in India Insights from field measurementsPandey A. ; Patel Sameer ; Pervez Shamsh ; Tiwari S. ; Yadama Gautam ; Chow Judith C. ; Watson John G. ; Biswas Pratim ; Chakrabarty Rajan K. 
101-Sep-2016PM2.5 pollution from household solid fuel burning practices in central India: 1 Impact on indoor air quality and associated health risksMatawle J.L. ; Pervez S. ; Shrivastava A.K. ; Tiwari S. ; Pant P. ; Deb M.K. ; Bisht D.S. ; Parvez Y.P.