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Issue Date / Event DateTitleAuthor(s)/Editor(s)
11-Dec-2001Aerosol measurements using lidar ,radiometers at Pune during INDOEX field phasesMaheskumar R.S. ; Devara P.C.S. ; Raj P.E. ; Jaya Rao Y. ; Pandithurai G. ; Dani K.K. ; Saha S.K. ; Sonbawne S.M. ; Tiwari Y.K. 
21-Oct-2020Sub micron aerosol variability and its ageing process at a high altitudesite in India: Impact of meteorological conditionsMukherjee S. ; Singla V. ; Meena G.S. ; Aslam M.Y. ; Safai P.D. ; Buchunde P. ; Vasudevan A.K. ; Jena C.K. ; Ghude S.D. ; Dani K.K. ; Pandithurai G. 
31-Aug-2020Black carbon aerosols over a high altitude station, Mahabaleshwar: Radiative forcing and source apportionmentRaju M.P. ; Safai P.D. ; Sonbawne S.M. ; Buchunde P.S. ; Pandithurai G. ; Dani K.K. 
41-Dec-2019Characterisation of particulate matter at a high-altitude site in southwest India: Impact of dust episodesBuchunde P. ; Safai P.D. ; Mukherjee S. ; Leena P.P. ; Siingh D. ; Meena G.S. ; Pandithurai G. 
51-Jun-2019Analysing the characteristic features of a pre-monsoon thunderstorm event over Pune, India, using ground-based observations and WRF modelLeena P.P. ; Pandithurai G. ; Gayatri K. ; Murugavel P. ; Ruchith R.D. ; Sakharam S. ; Dani K.K. ; Patil C. ; Dharmaraj T. ; Patil M.N. ; Prabhakaran Thara 
61-Mar-2019Black carbon: source apportionment and its implications on CCN activity over a rural region in Western Ghats, IndiaSingla V. ; Mukherjee Subrata ; Kashikar A.S. ; Safai P.D. ; Pandithurai G. 
71-Jun-2019Evidence of organonitrate formation at a high altitude site, Mahabaleshwar, during the pre-monsoon seasonSingla V. ; Mukherjee S. ; Pandithurai G. ; Dani K.K. ; Safai P.D. 
81-Feb-2019Evidence of precedent wind role on controlling PM1 wet scavenging of aerosols during monsoon rain eventsYang L. ; Pandithurai G. ; Chate D.M. ; Rao P.S.P. ; Waghmare V. ; Iyer U. 
91-Dec-2019Influence of dust and sea-salt sandwich effect on precipitation chemistry over the Western Ghats during summer monsoonYang L. ; Mukherjee S. ; Pandithurai G. ; Waghmare V. ; Safai P.D. 
101-Sep-2018Unraveling of cloud types during phases of monsoon intraseasonal oscillations by a Ka-band Doppler weather radarChakravarty K. ; Pokhrel S. ; Kalshetti M. ; Nair Anish K.M. ; Kalapureddy M.C.R. ; Deshpande S.M. ; Das Subrata Kumar ; Pandithurai G. ; Goswami B.N.