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Issue Date / Event DateTitleAuthor(s)/Editor(s)
11-Sep-2010Development of High Resolution Emission Inventory for National Capital Region Delhi: Special Scientific    Report SAFAR-2010-ABeig G. ; Sahu S.K. Ojha A. ; Ali K. ; Parkhi N. Sharma C. 
21-Sep-2010Scientific Evaluation of Air Quality Standards and Defining Air Quality Index for India: Special Scientific Report SAFAR-2010-BBeig G. ;   Ghude S . ; Ali K. ;   Deshpande A. ; Sahu S.K. Kulkarni S. ; Srinivas R. ; Pawar V. ; Parkhi N. ; Sharma C. 
31-Mar-2013Puneri-Air - System of Air Quality Forecasting And Research – Pune (English, Hindi and Marathi) Beig G. ; Chate D. M. ; Parkhi N. S. ; Karandikar M. ; Ali K. ; Satpute T. ; Srinivas R. ; Trimbake H. K ; Shinde R.K. 
41-Jan-2020Mitigation of PM2.5 and ozone pollution in Delhi. a sensitivity study during the pre-monsoon periodChen Y. ; Wild O. ; Ryan E. ; Sahu S.K. ; Lowe D. ; Archer-Nicholls S. ; Wang Y. ; McFiggans G. ; Ansari T. ; Singh V. ; Sokhi R.S. ; Archibald A. ; Beig G. 
51-Mar-2020Objective evaluation of stubble emission of North India and quantifying its impact on air quality of DelhiBeig G. ; Sahu S.K. ; Singh V. ; Tikle S. ; Sobhana S.B. ; Gargeva P. ; Ramakrishna K. ; Rathod A. ; Murthy B.S. 
61-Mar-2020Winter VOCs and OVOCs measured with PTR-MS at an urban site of India: Role of emissions, meteorology and photochemical sourcesMaji S. ; Beig G. ; Yadav R. 
71-Jun-2019PM2.5, PM10 and surface ozone over Lumbini Protected Zone, Nepal, during monsoon season of 2012Ali K. ; Trivedi D.K. ; Chate D.M. ; Beig G. ; Acharja P. ; Trimbake H.K. 
81-Apr-2019Surface PM2.5 estimate using satellite-derived Aerosol Optical Depth over IndiaKrishna R.K. ; Ghude S. ; Kumar Rajesh ; Beig G. ; Kulkarni Rachana ; Nivdange S. ; Chate D. 
91-Feb-2019On the contribution of particulate matter (PM2.5) to direct radiative forcing over two urban environments in IndiaKrishna R.K. ; Panicker A.S. ; Yusuf A.M. ; Beig G. 
101-Oct-2019Chemical composition and isotopic signatures of ice and snow over a Himalayan Glacier (Satopanth) in IndiaPanicker A.S. ; Sandeep K. ; Gautam A.S. ; Gandhi N. ; Beig G. ; Nainwal H.C. ; Rao P.S.P. ; Safai P.D. ; Das S. ; Waghmare V.