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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010Changes in concentration and size distribution of aerosols during fog over the south Indian OceanPant V. ; Deshpande C.G. ; Kamra A.K. 
22010Concentrations and size distributions of aerosol particles at Maitri during the passage of cyclonic storms revolving around the continent of AntarcticaPant V. ; Siingh D. ; Kamra A.K. 
32011The ion-aerosol interactions from the ion mobility and aerosol particle size distribution measurements on January 17 and February 18, 2005 at Maitri, Antarctica - A case studySiingh D. ; Pant V. ; Kamra A.K. 
41-Oct-2019Distribution of lightning in relation to topography and vegetation cover over the dry and moist regions in the HimalayasOulkar S. ; Siingh D. ; Saha U. ; Kamra A.K. 
51-Jul-2018Classification of the new particle formation events observed at a tropical site, Pune, IndiaSiingh D. ; Gautam A.S. ; Buchunde P.S. ; Kamra A.K. 
61-Jan-2017On the association of lightning activity and projected change in climate over the Indian sub-continentSaha U. ; Siingh D. ; Kamra A.K. ; Galanaki E. ; Maitra A. ; Singh R.P. ; Singh A.K. ; Chakraborty Swastika ; Singh Rajesh 
71-Nov-2016Anomalous diurnal variation of atmospheric potential gradient and air-Earth current density observed at Maitri, AntarcticaJeeva K. ; Gurubaran S. ; Williams E.R. ; Kamra A.K. ; Sinha A.K. ; Guha A. ; Selvaraj C. ; Nair K.U. ; Dhar A. 
81-Nov-2019Diurnal and seasonal variations of radon (222Rn) and their dependence on soil moisture and vertical stability of the lower atmosphere at Pune, IndiaVictor N.J. ; Siingh D. ; Singh R.P. ; Singh R. ; Kamra A.K. 
91-Sep-2018Lightning Discharges, Cosmic Rays and ClimateKumar S. ; Siingh D. ; Singh R.P. ; Singh A.K. ; Kamra A.K. 
101-Feb-2017Breakup modes of the drops suspended in a vertical wind tunnel in presence of the horizontal electric fieldBhalwankar R. ; Deshpande C.G. ; Kamra A.K.