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Issue Date / Event DateTitleAuthor(s)/Editor(s)
12019Impact of the Indo-Western Pacific Ocean Capacitor mode on South Asian summer monsoon rainfallChowdary J.S. ; Patekar D. ; Srinivas G. ; Gnanaseelan C. ; Parekh A. 
22008Evaluation of several different planetary boundary layer schemes within a single model, a unified model and a multimodel superensembleKrishnamurti T.N.; Basu S.; Sanjay J.; Gnanaseelan C. 
32019Impact of multiyear La Niña events on the South and East Asian summer monsoon rainfall in observations and CMIP5 modelsRaj Deepak S.N. ; Chowdary J.S. ; Dandi A.R. ; Srinivas G. ; Parekh A. ; Gnanaseelan C. ; Yadav R.K. 
42019Impact of differences in the decaying phase of El Niño on South and East Asia summer monsoon in CMIP5 modelsSrinivas G. ; Chowdary J.S. ; Gnanaseelan C. ; Parekh A. ; Dandi R. ; Prasad K.V.S.R. ; Naidu C.V. 
51-Mar-2004Interannual variability of Kelvin ,Rossby waves in the Indian Ocean from TOPEX/POXEIDON altimetry dataGnanaseelan C. ; Vaid B.H. ; Polito P.S. and Salvekar P.S. 
61-Feb-2020Interdecadal modulation of the Indo-western Pacific Ocean Capacitor mode and its influence on Indian summer monsoon rainfallDarshana P. ; Chowdary J.S. ; Gnanaseelan C. ; Parekh A. ; Srinivas G. 
71-Feb-2020Impact of excess and deficit river runoff on Bay of Bengal upper ocean characteristics using an ocean general circulation modelDandapat S. ; Gnanaseelan C. ; Parekh A. 
81-Jun-2020Sensitivity of subsurface processes of equatorial Pacific Ocean to the heat and momentum fluxes: A case study of 1997-98 El NiñoKarmakar A. ; Parekh A. ; Chowdary J.S. ; Gnanaseelan C. 
91-Jun-2020Asymmetry in the tropical Indian Ocean subsurface temperature variabilityKakatkar R. ; Gnanaseelan C. ; Chowdary J.S. 
101-Apr-2020Multidecadal to decadal variability in the equatorial Indian Ocean subsurface temperature and the forcing mechanismsMohapatra S. ; Gnanaseelan C. ; Deepa J.S.