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Issue Date / Event DateTitleAuthor(s)/Editor(s)
12009Changes observed in sun photometer derived total column ozone and possible implications on surface-reaching UV radiation over a tropical Indian stationRaj PE ; Sonbawne SM ; Dani KK ; Saha SK ; Pandithurai G ; Devara PCS 
22013Impact of elevated aerosol layer on the cloud macrophysical properties prior to monsoon onsetDipu S; Prabha TV; Pandithurai G ; Dudhia J ; Pfister G ; Rajesh K; Goswami BN
32009Aerosol effects in the UV-B spectral region over Pune, an urban site in IndiaPanicker AS ; Pandithurai G ; Takamura T ; Pinker RT
42016Investigation of aerosol indirect effects on monsoon clouds using ground-based measurements over a high-altitude site in Western GhatsAnil Kumar V; Pandithurai G ; Leena PP; Dani KK ; Murugavel P; Sonbawne SM ; Patil RD ; Maheskumar RS
52016Entrainment and droplet spectral characteristics in convective clouds during transition to monsoonBera S; Pandithurai G ; Prabha TV
61997Atmospheric stability effects on aerosol structure and stratificationDevara PCS ; Raj PE ; Pandithurai G ; Naresh P 
71997Spectral characteristics of urban aerosols and their association with relative humidityPandithurai G ; Devara PCS ; Maheskumar RS ; Raj PE ; Dani KK 
81997Solar multi-spectral radiometric observations of atmospheric optical thickness over pasarlapudi gas well blow-out site in IndiaPandithurai G ; Devara PCS 
92015Aerosol optical properties and their relationship with meteorological parameters during wintertime in Delhi, IndiaTiwari S; Pandithurai G ; Attri SD; Srivastava AK; Soni VK; Bisht DS; Anil Kumar V; Srivastava MK
102015Determination of wood burning and fossil fuel contribution of black carbon at Delhi, India using aerosol light absorption techniqueTiwari S; Pipal AS; Srivastava AK; Bisht DS; Pandithurai G