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Issue Date / Event DateTitleAuthor(s)/Editor(s)
12012Nature of light rain during presence and absence of bright bandKonwar M; Maheskumar RS; Das SK; Morwal SB
22013Impact of elevated aerosol layer on the cloud macrophysical properties prior to monsoon onsetDipu S; Prabha TV; Pandithurai G ; Dudhia J ; Pfister G ; Rajesh K; Goswami BN
32009Connection between Antarctic sea-ice extent and Indian summer monsoon rainfallPrabhu A ; Mahajan P ; Khaladkar R ; Bawiskar S
42009Internal feedbacks from monsoon-midlatitude interactions during droughts in the Indian summer monsoonKrishnan R; Kumar V; Sugi M; Yoshimura J 
52009Characteristics of rain integral parameters during tropical convective, transition, and stratiform rain at Gadanki and its application in rain retrievalSharma S; Konwar M ; Sarma DK ; Kalapureddy MCR; Jain AR 
62009Relationship between rainfall and lightning over central Indian region in monsoon and premonsoon seasonsLal DM ; Pawar SD
72006Unraveling the mystery of Indian monsoon failure during El NinoKumar KK; Rajagopalan B; Hoerling M ; Bates G ; Cane M 
82013Large scale features and assessment of spatial scale correspondence between TMPA and IMD rainfall datasets over Indian landmassUma R. ; Kumar T.V.L. ; Narayanan M.S.; Rajeevan M.; Bhate J. ; Kumar K.N. 
92011Intriguing aspects of the monsoon low-level jet over peninsular india revealed by high-resolution GPS radiosonde observationsRoja Raman M.; Venkat Ratnam M.; Rajeevan M.; Jagannadha Rao V.V.M.; Bhaskara Rao S.V. 
102012Northeast monsoon rainfall variability over south peninsular India and its teleconnectionsSreekala PP ; Rao SVB; Rajeevan M