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Issue Date / Event DateTitleAuthor(s)/Editor(s)
12010Applications of the multi-spectral satellite data from IRS-P6 LISS-III and IRS-P4 OCM to decipher submerged coral beds around Andaman IslandsMahendra RS ; Bisoyi H; Mohanty PC; Velloth S ; Srinivasa Kumar T ; Nayak S 
22016Technological advancements in observing the upper ocean in the Bay of Bengal: Education and capacity buildingTandon A ; Dasaro EA ; Stafford KM ; Sengupta D ; Ravichandran M; Baumgartner M ; Venkatesan R; Paluszkiewicz T 
32016A Coupled Numerical and Artificial Neural Network Model for Improving Location Specific Wave ForecastLondhe SN ; Shah S; Dixit PR ; Balakrishnan Nair TM; Sirisha P ; Jain R 
42016Penetrative radiative flux in the Bay of BengalLotliker AA ; Omand MM ; Lucas AJ ; Laney SR ; Mahadevan A ; Ravichandran M
52010Concentrations and size distributions of aerosol particles at Maitri during the passage of cyclonic storms revolving around the continent of AntarcticaPant V; Siingh D; Kamra AK 
62016Adrift upon a salinity-stratified seaLucas AJ ; Nash JD ; Pinkel R ; MacKinnon JA ; Tandon A ; Mahadevan A ; Omand MM ; Freilich M ; Sengupta D ; Ravichandran M; Le Boyer A 
72010Nitrogen uptake rates and new production in the Northern Indian OceanGandhi N; Prakash S; Ramesh R ; Kumar S
82016Bay of Bengal: From monsoons to mixingMahadevan A ; Paluszkiewicz T ; Ravichandran M; Sengupta D ; Tandon A 
92016The interplay between submesoscale instabilities and turbulence in the surface layer of the Bay of BengalSarkar S; Pham HT ; Ramachandran S; Nash JD ; Tandon A ; Buckley J ; Lotliker AA ; Omand MM 
102015Ecological sustainability of an optimal controlled system incorporating partial closure for the populationsChakraborty K; Haldar S; Kar TK