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Issue Date / Event DateTitleAuthor(s)/Editor(s)
114-Jul-2011Pollen Analysis of Surface Deposits and Holocene Lake Sediment of Schirmacher Oasis, Central Dronning Maud Land (CDML), East AntarcticaBera, S. K. 
210-Oct-2011Glaciological Studies in Schirmacher Oasis Cdml, East Antarctica, During 21st Indian Antarctic ExpeditionGaur, M. P. ; Prasad, A. V. Keshava ; Geological Survery of India, Antarctic Division, Faridabad 
314-Jul-2011XXI Indian Antarctic Expedition- Assignment & AchievementsLal, R. P. 
410-Oct-2011Geological Mapping of Muhlig-Hofmann Mountains, Cdml, East AntarcticaPrasad, A. V. Keshava ; Gaur, M. P. ; Geological Survery of India, Antarctic Division, Faridabad 
514-Jul-2011XXI Indian Antarctic Expeditin- An OverviewLal, R. P. 
613-Jul-2011Ice Thickness and Subglacial Topography Studies by Ground Penetrating Radar During the XX Indian Antarctic ExpeditionGergan, J. T. ; Thayyen, Renoj J. ; Dobhal, D. P. 
713-Jul-2011Studies on Seismotectonics and Geodynamical Processes between Antarctica and IndiaKishore, L. Prem ; Chaitanya, T. ; Akilan, A. ; Srinivas, G. S. ; Chander, G. B. Navin ; Rao, S.V.R.R. ; Malaimani, E. C. ; Ravikumar, N. 
814-Jul-2011IntroductionVajpayee, A. B. ; Joshi, Murli Manohar ; Goel, P. S. ; Ravindra, Rasik 
913-Jul-2011A Note on Snow Accumulation/ Ablation on Ice Shelf and Secular Movement of Dakshin Gangotri Glacier Snout in Central Dronning Maud Land, East AntarcticaD., Jayapaul ; D'Souza, M. J. ; Dharwadkar, Amit ; Chaturvedi, Arun 
1010-Oct-2011Characterizing the MArine Boundary Layer Over East AntarcticaSharma, P. K. ; Bisnoi, Laxmi ; Singh, Jaswant ; Gera, B. S. ; Gera, Neha ; Singh, Gurbir ; Dutta, H. N. ; Lal, R. P. ; National Physical Laboratory ; Indian Meteorological Department, New Delhi