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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Algal species dynamics in North Arabian Sea using long term ocean colour satellite dataMohanty P.C. ; Lotliker A.A. ; Baliarsingh S.K. ; Mahendra R.S. ; Kumar T.S. 
22016Spatio-Temporal evolution of chlorophyll-a in the Bay of Bengal: A remote sensing and bio-argo perspectiveUdaya Bhaskar T.V.S. ; Jayaram C. ; Rama Rao E.P. ; Rao K.H. 
32016Classification of case-II waters using hyperspectral (HICO) data over North Indian OceanSrinivasa Rao N. ; Ramarao E.P. ; Srinivas K. ; Deka P.C. 
42016Optimization of spectral bands for ocean colour remote sensing of aquatic environmentsNagamani P.V. ; Lotliker A. ; Navalgund R.R. ; Dadhwal V.K. ; Rao K.H. ; Srinivasa Kumar T. ; Preethi Latha T. 
52016Preliminary results of an algorithm to determine the total absorption coefficient of waterThayapurath S. ; Talaulikar M. ; Desa E.J.A. ; Lotliker A. 
62016Optical characterization and assessment of ocean colour algorithms in Chilika LagoonLotliker A.A. ; Sahoo S. ; Baliarsingh S.K. ; Parida C. ; Sahu K.C.