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Issue Date / Event DateTitleAuthor(s)/Editor(s)
11-Jun-2019Performance of Very High Resolution Global Forecast System Model (GFS T1534) at 12.5km over Indian Region during 2016-2017 Monsoon SeasonsP. Mukhopadhyay ; V.S. Prasad ; R. Phani Murali Krishna ; Medha Deshpande ; Malay Ganai ; Snehlata Tirkey ; Sahadat Sarkar ; Tanmoy Goswami ; C.J. Johny ; Kumar Roy ; M. Mahakur ; V.R. Durai ; M. Rajeevan 
21-Dec-2018Spatial Patterns of Subseasonal Eddy Momentum ,Heat Transport ,its Probable Role in the Interannual Variability of Extratropical to Tropical Interaction during the Summer Monsoon SeasonMahesh Kalshetti ; Rajib Chattopadhyay ; Phani M. Krishna ; A.K. Sahai 
31-Jan-2019Bias-Correction ,Dynamical Downscaling Strategy to Improve the Prediction of Extreme Weather Events on Extended RangeManpreet Kaur ; R Phani ; Susmitha Joseph ; A.K. Sahai* ; R. Mandal ; A. Dey ; R. Chattopadhyay 
41-May-2020Initiative to Develop a Forecasting System for Wind Energy over a complex terrain in India using Weather Research ,Forecasting (WRF) ModelRadhika Kanase ; Greeshma Mohan ; Madhuparna Halder ; Medha Deshpande ; P. Mukhopadhyay 
51-Jan-2018A Comparison of Extended-Range Prediction of Monsoon in the IITM-CFSv2 with ECMWF S2S Forecast SystemChattopadhyay Rajib ; R.  Phani M.K. ; Joseph Susmitha ; Dey Avijit ; Mandal Raju ; Sahai A.K. 
61-Jun-2018The 10-20 day intraseasonal variation of the South Asian summer monsoon simulated by GFDL models in the AMIP experiment of CMIP5Sujata K. Mandke ; Prasanth A. Pillai ; A.K. Sahai 
71-Mar-2018Diagnostics ,Real-Time Extended Range Prediction of Heat Waves over IndiaSusmitha Joseph ; R. Mandal ; A. K. Sahai ; R. Phani ; A. Dey ; R. Chattopadhyay 
81-Mar-2018The vertical wind tunnel facility at IITM - A review of laboratory experiments on cloud microphysicA.K. Kamra ; Rohini Bhalwankar ; C.G. Deshpande 
91-Jun-2018On the dynamics of extended breaks during 2017 monsoonSusmitha Joseph ; A.K. Sahai ; A. Dey ; R. Mandal ; Aparnna Ravi P. 
101-Aug-2016Improvement of cloud ,convective Parameterizations in Climate Forecast System Version 2 (CFSv2): Indian Summer Monsoon perspectivePhani Murali Krishna R. ; S Abhik ; Bidyut B. Goswami ; Malay Ganai ; M. Mahakur ; Medha Deshpande ; P. Mukhopadhyay ; Renu S Das ; Marat Khairoutdinonv ; Jimy Dudhia ; B.N. Goswami