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Issue Date / Event DateTitleAuthor(s)/Editor(s)
12012Carbon dioxide and water vapour characteristics on the west coast of Arabian Sea during Indian summer monsoonDharmaraj T; Patil MN; Waghmare RT; Ernest Raj P
219-May-2018Clouds of confusion over monsoon’s timely arrivalShreeshan, Venkatesh 
32012Aerosol control on depth of warm rain in convective cloudsKonwar M; Maheskumar RS; Kulkarni JR; Freud E ; Goswami BN; Rosenfeld D 
42009Study of dynamical structure of an unusual monsoon depression formed over the bay of Bengal during August 2006Nagar S; Bawiskar S; Chinthalu G ; Kulkarni J 
52006Marine boundary layer characteristics during a cyclonic storm over the Bay of BengalMorwal SB; Nagar SG; Murty VSN ; Seetaramayya P
62015Characterization of the Seasonal Circulation Patterns and Its Application on Oil Spill Transport in the Northwestern Continental Shelf of IndiaSalim M ; Nayak RK ; Mohanthy PC ; Sasamal SK ; Dadhwal VK ; Dutt CBS ; Rao MS 
72009Weakening of lower tropospheric temperature gradient between Indian landmass and neighbouring oceans and its impact on Indian monsoonBawiskar SM
82012Northeast monsoon rainfall variability over south peninsular India and its teleconnectionsSreekala PP ; Rao SVB; Rajeevan M
92006Oceanic mixed layer variations during the movement of cyclone along symmetric tracks in the Indian OceanDeo AA; Ganer DW; Salvekar PS 
102009Sink mechanism for significantly low level of ozone over the Arabian Sea during monsoonAli K; Beig G; Chate DM; Momin GA; Sahu SK ; Safai PD