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Issue Date / Event DateTitleAuthor(s)/Editor(s)
12009Extremes in total ozone content over northern IndiaPatil SD; Revadekar JV
22012Effect of dust and anthropogenic aerosols on columnar aerosol optical properties over Darjeeling (2200 m asl), Eastern Himalayas, IndiaChatterjee A; Ghosh SK ; Adak A ; Singh AK; Devara PCS ; Raha S 
32009Connection between Antarctic sea-ice extent and Indian summer monsoon rainfallPrabhu A ; Mahajan P ; Khaladkar R ; Bawiskar S
42009Internal feedbacks from monsoon-midlatitude interactions during droughts in the Indian summer monsoonKrishnan R; Kumar V; Sugi M; Yoshimura J 
52009On the variation of the tropospheric ozone over Indian region in relation to the meteorological parametersPatil SD; Thompson B; Revadekar JV
613-Jul-2011Studies on Seismotectonics and Geodynamical Processes between Antarctica and IndiaKishore, L. Prem ; Chaitanya, T. ; Akilan, A. ; Srinivas, G. S. ; Chander, G. B. Navin ; Rao, S.V.R.R. ; Malaimani, E. C. ; Ravikumar, N. 
72012Vertical profiles of black carbon aerosols over the urban locations in South IndiaSafai PD; Raju MP; Maheshkumar RS; Kulkarni JR; Rao PSP; Devara PCS 
82009UHF wind profiler observations during a tropical pre-monsoon thunderstorm - A case studyDeshpande SM; Raj PE 
92009Characteristics of rain integral parameters during tropical convective, transition, and stratiform rain at Gadanki and its application in rain retrievalSharma S; Konwar M ; Sarma DK ; Kalapureddy MCR; Jain AR 
102009Variability of mini cold pool off the southern tip of India as revealed from a thermodynamic upper ocean modelGaner DW; Deo AA; Gnanaseelan C