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Issue Date / Event DateTitleAuthor(s)/Editor(s)
114-Jul-2011Pollen Analysis of Surface Deposits and Holocene Lake Sediment of Schirmacher Oasis, Central Dronning Maud Land (CDML), East AntarcticaBera, S. K. 
22019Impact of the Indo-Western Pacific Ocean Capacitor mode on South Asian summer monsoon rainfallChowdary J.S. ; Patekar D. ; Srinivas G. ; Gnanaseelan C. ; Parekh A. 
32009Significant influence of the boreal summer monsoon flow on the Indian Ocean response during dipole eventsKrishnan R; Swapna P 
42010Applications of the multi-spectral satellite data from IRS-P6 LISS-III and IRS-P4 OCM to decipher submerged coral beds around Andaman IslandsMahendra RS ; Bisoyi H; Mohanty PC; Velloth S ; Srinivasa Kumar T ; Nayak S 
54-Jun-2017हवामानाच्या अचूक अंदाजासाठी धडपडSharma, Neela 
62012Nature of light rain during presence and absence of bright bandKonwar M; Maheskumar RS; Das SK; Morwal SB
717-Nov-2017सुपर कॉम्प्युटिंग द्वारे हवामानाचा अंदाज जलदगतीने
82019Understanding Iodine Chemistry Over the Northern and Equatorial Indian OceanMahajan A.S. ; Tinel L. ; Sarkar A. ; Chance R. ; Carpenter L.J. ; Hulswar S. ; Mali P. ; Prakash S. ; Vinayachandran P.N. 
92016Technological advancements in observing the upper ocean in the Bay of Bengal: Education and capacity buildingTandon A ; Dasaro EA ; Stafford KM ; Sengupta D ; Ravichandran M; Baumgartner M ; Venkatesan R; Paluszkiewicz T 
1017-Nov-2017Dust Storm in west Asia Precipitated smog crisis