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Title: Carbon dioxide and water vapour characteristics on the west coast of Arabian Sea during Indian summer monsoon
Authors: Dharmaraj T
Patil MN
Waghmare RT
Ernest Raj P
Keywords: air temperature;carbon dioxide;Fourier transform;monsoon;summer;surface layer;water vapor;wind measurement, Arabian Sea;Indian Ocean;New Zealand;South Island;West Coast South Island
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Journal of Earth System Science
Indian Academy of Sciences
Source: Volume no: 121
Issue no: 4
Abstract: Carbon dioxide, water vapour, air temperature and wind measurements at 10 Hz sampling rate were carried out over the coast of Arabian Sea, Goa (15°21'N, 73°51'E) in India. These observations were collected, in association with the surface layer turbulent parameters for the Arabian Sea Monsoon Experiment (ARMEX). In the summer monsoon period, concentration of CO 2 was in the range of 550-790 mg m -3 whereas the water vapour was in the range of 17.5-24.5 g m -3. The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis has been performed on these observations to investigate the spectral behaviour of CO 2 and water vapour. The relation between CO 2 and water vapour on various atmospheric scales has been proposed. CO 2 and water vapour observations confirmed the existence of periodicities of large (11, 8 days), meso (5 days) and micrometeorological (20 min) scales.
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