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Title: Study of relationship between daily maxima in ozone and temperature in an urban site in India
Authors: Gunthe SS 
Beig G
Sahu LK
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Current Science
Current Science Association
Source: Volume no: 110
Issue no: 10
Abstract: he relationship between surface-level observations of daily maxima in ozone (O3max) volume mixing ratio and ambient air temperature (Tmax) has been studied at an urban site, i.e. Pune (18.4N, 73.8E), India during 2003-04. The mixing ratios of O3max were found to be highest during winter to pre-monsoon period and lowest in the monsoon season. The dependence of O3max levels on Tmax has been quantified using the linear regression fit for the different seasons. However, except for the monsoon season, reasonably good correlations between O3max and Tmax were noticed. The correlation between daily O3max concentration and minimum NOx (NOxmin) concentration was also studied to assess the importance of photochemical mechanism mainly reduction in the loss due to titration. Overall, the strong dependencies of O3max on Tmax and NOxmin signify the role of both meteorological and photochemical processes during most months of a year. The positive slopes of ?O3max/?Tmax and ?O3max/?NOxmin clearly indicate the role of significant production and accumulation of O3 under high temperature and low NOx conditions respectively, during winter and premonsoon seasons. The statistical analysis of O3 in relation with the key meteorological and chemical parameters is important to understand the sensitivity of secondary pollutants on various controlling factors.
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