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Title: Study of dynamical structure of an unusual monsoon depression formed over the bay of Bengal during August 2006
Authors: Nagar S
Bawiskar S
Chinthalu G 
Kulkarni J 
Keywords: advection;atmospheric circulation;atmospheric moisture;atmospheric structure;monsoon;vorticity, Bay of Bengal;Indian Ocean
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Pure and Applied Geophysics
Source: Volume no: 166
Issue no: 3
Abstract: Monsoon depressions, the main rain-producing systems over the Indian region along and near their tracks, are found to intensify the monsoon circulation by organizing low-level convergence. The normal track of the monsoon depressions is along the position of the monsoon trough at the surface, i.e., northwestward from the Head Bay of Bengal. Most of the monsoon depressions dissipate within one or two days after landfall. An unusual monsoon depression formed in the Bay of Bengal during the 1st week of August 2006 causing heavy to very heavy rainfall over Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat States of India. The track of this depression was anomalously southward from the mean track of the August depressions. It maintained its intensity during its longer travel. This paper addresses some of the dynamical characteristics of the depression in relation to its southward/westward track and longer travel. It is observed that horizontal advection of absolute vorticity above 550 hPa (below 600 hPa) along west (east) of the depression and maximum divergence of absolute vorticity below 400 hPa dominated for the westward movement of the depression. Increased moisture supply from the Arabian Sea (after the landfall of the depression) helped to maintain the intensity of the system throughout its long travel. The energy conversion terms revealed the strengthening of the zonal flow at higher levels prior to the formation of the depression.
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