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Title: Rainfall spatial variability and its impact on important environment processes in India
Authors: Sontakke NA 
Singh HN 
Singh N 
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: AIP Conference Proceedings
Project: International Conference on Modelling and Engineering and Technological Problems, ICMETP, and the 9th Biennial Conference of Indian Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics 
ISIAM Agra India 
14-16 January 2009 
Abstract: Desertification, River channel changes and rising trend in surface air temperature are environmental problems of serious concern in India. Elaborate analyses of spatial variation of annual, seasonal and monthly rainfall over the country have been carried out to understand the role of spatial variability on important environmental processes. Spatial variation of annual rainfall expansion and contraction of by examining expansion and contraction of the moisture regions and that of seasonal and monthly rainfall from expansion and contraction of respective period dry and wet zones using highly quality-controlled rainfall data from 316 locations for the period 1871-2006. Impacts of rainfall spatial variability on important environmental problems are discussed.
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