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Title: The probable maximum flood at the Ukai and Lakhwar dam sites in India
Authors: Rakhecha PR 
Clark C 
Keywords: Dams;Hydrographic surveys;Precipitation (meteorology);Water supply;Flood frequency analysis;Floods;dam;flood flow;flood frequency;hydrograph;safety dam;flood frequency;safety;unit hydrograph India
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: IAHS-AISH Publication
Project: The Extremes of lite Extremes: Extraordinaiy Floods 
Reykjavik , Iceland . 
July 2000 
Abstract: The design of impounding structures where failure would lead to catastrophic loss of life requires an estimate of the probable maximum flood. In India there are over 3000 dams and more are being built and planned to meet the needs for water supply, power, and irrigation. Recently, revised estimates of probable maximum precipitation have been published. These new estimates are used in conjunction with instantaneous unit hydrographs (IUH) to assess the safety of two dam sites: the Lakhwar dam on the Yamuna River, and the Ukai dam on the Tapi River. The results show that at the first site the outflow exceeded the design value of the spillway by a factor of 2.27, while at the second site the ratio was 2.25. The IUH results are supported by flood frequency analyses using a modified Gumbel scale and also results derived from the Rational method. These outcomes illustrate that in India more attention to dam safety is a dire need for the future.
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