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Title: Dynamics of deterministic chads in single mode optical fibre laser transmission
Authors: Selvam AMary 
Keywords: Laser beams - transmission;optical fibers, deterministic chaos;laser transmission;single mode optical fiber, fiber optics
Issue Date: 1987
Publisher: IEEE Proceedings of the National Aerospace and Electronics Conference
IEEE, New York, NY, USA
Project: IEEE 1987 National Aerospace and Electronics Conference: NAECON 1987 
Dayton, OH, USA 
Abstract: A two stream (red and blue) energy cascade mechanism is proposed for large- and small-eddy generation from energy supply at a fundamental pump frequency. Applying fluid dynamical concepts, persistent energy pulses integrated over large-eddy-length scales gives rise to low-frequency pulses and also energizes the higher frequency pulses (random noise) in the medium. In the course of time, energy supply at any one frequency generates a continuum emission which is scale-invariant, self-similar with fractal distribution characteristics, and is associated with deterministic chaos. The author concludes that quantum mechanical laws therefore imply fractal distribution characteristics and are observed in all natural phenomena.
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