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Title: Remote sensing of geomagnetic field and applications to climate prediction
Authors: Selvam AMary 
Keywords: Atmospheric electricity - theory;earth - magnetism;meteorology - climatology, atmospheric eddy dynamics theory;geomagnetic field lines, geophysics
Issue Date: 1987
Publisher: Digest - International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS)
IEEE, New York, NY, USA
Project: IGARSS '87. Remote Sensing: Understanding the Earth as a System 
Ann Arbor, MI, USA 
Abstract: A universal theory of atmospheric eddy dynamics is presented which shows that the global geomagnetic field, atmospheric electric field, and weather systems are manifestations of a semipermanent scale-invariant hierarchical atmospheric eddy continuum. The scale-invariant energy structure for the atmospheric eddy continuum is documented and discussed. Quantitative equations are derived to show that the full continuum of atmospheric eddies exists as a unified whole and originates from buoyant energy supply from frictional turbulence at the planetary surface. Large eddy growth occurs from turbulence scale by the universal period doubling route to chaos.
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