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Title: Structural characteristics of marine atmospheric boundary layer and its associated dynamics over the Central Arabian Sea during INDOEX, IFP-99 campaign
Other Titles: Current Science
Authors: Subrahamanyam D.B. 
Ramachandran R. 
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: The Indian component of the Intensive Field Phase of Indian Ocean Experiment conducted onboard Oceanic Research Vessel Sagar Kanya during its SK-141 cruise provided valuable meteorological data over the data-sparse region of tropical Indian Ocean and Central Arabian Sea (CAS). The upper air meteorological data obtained from balloon-borne GLASS sonde launches during the campaign are analysed for studying the thermodynamic structure of the Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer over the CAS. Analysis of profiles of the thermodynamic variables revealed a double mixed layer structure over the region of CAS. We have made an attempt here to provide a possible explanation of the double mixed layer.
ISSN: 113891
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