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Title: Recent advances in the Indian Tsunami Early Warning System
Other Titles: Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy
Authors: Manneela S. 
Devi U.E. 
Saikia D. 
Kumar T.S. 
Shenoi S.S.C. 
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Indian National Science Academy
Abstract: The Government of India established the Indian Tsunami Early Warning System (ITEWS) at Earth System Science Organization-Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad, as an autonomous institution of Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES). ITEWC continuously monitors the seismic waves recorded by a network of seismic stations, well spread across the globe to determine the magnitudes, depths and locations of earthquake's. Then it combines the parameters with pre-computed hazard estimates based on tsunami models based on from similar events to decide, the potential of the earthquake for generating a tsunami, and if so, then it estimates the anticipated height of the tsunami wave at different locations on the coast. The ITEWC uses data from national and international observational network of seismic stations, sea level gauge stations and tsunami buoys around the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Data from approximately 400 seismometers. As soon as the earthquake is detected, warning centre transmits the first bulletin based on seismic data describing the location of earthquake, its magnitude, depth and other characters of the event. After the first bulletin, seismic data are further analysed for improved accuracy of earthquake parameters. The pre-computed scenario database which is used for issuing the tsunami warnings is created based on the risk estimated from historical earthquakes in the tsunamigenic sources in the Indian Ocean reported by Rastogi and Jaiswal. Water level inversion, realtime inundation modeling, real-time estimation of focal mechanism of earthquake to show the style of faulting and incorporation of GNSS data into the warning chain are the few key issues that ITEWC has taken up on priority.
ISSN: 3700046
DOI: 10.16943/ptinsa/2016/48499
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