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Issue Date / Event DateTitleAuthor(s)/Editor(s)
2004Results from the first Argo float deployed by IndiaRavichandran M. ; Vinayachandran P.N. ; Joseph S. ; Radhakrishnan K. 
2009The aberrant behaviour of the Indian monsoon in June 2009Francis P.A. ; Gadgil S. 
2010Intra-seasonal variability of the coastal currents around India: A review of the evidences from new observationsShenoi S.S.C. 
2011Numerical simulation of surface circulation features over the Bay of Bengal using regional ocean modeling systemSil S. ; Chakraborty A. ; Ravichandran M. 
2011Development of a high resolution climatology for the Bay of Bengal using Argo observationsJana S. ; Sil S. ; Chakraborty A. ; Ravichandran M. 
2012India's tsunami warning systemSrinivasa Kumar T. ; Nayak S. ; Gupta H.K. 
2012An anomalous cooling event observed in the Bay of Bengal during June 2009Chacko N. ; Ravichandran M. ; Rao R.R. ; Chandra Shenoi S.S. 
2013An ecological perspective on marine reserves in prey-predator dynamicsChakraborty K. ; Das K. ; Kar T.K. 
2014Mixing to monsoons: Air-sea interactions in the bay of BengalLucas A.J. ; Shroyer E.L. ; Wijesekera H.W. ; Fernando H.J.S. ; D'Asaro E. ; Ravichandran M. ; Jinadasa S.U.P. ; MacKinnon J.A. ; Nash J.D. ; Sharma R. ; Centurioni L. ; Farrar J.T. ; Weller R. ; Pinkel R. ; Mahadevan A. ; Sengupta D. ; Tandon A. 
2014Imprint of cyclone Phailin on water quality of Chilika lagoonSahoo S. ; Baliarsingh S.K. ; Lotliker A.A. ; Sahu K.C. 
2014Consequence of cyclonic storm Phailin on coastal morphology of Rushikulya estuary: An arribada site of vulnerable Olive Ridley sea turtles along the east coast of IndiaShiva kumar H. ; Panditra S. ; Baliarsingh S.K. ; Mohanty P. ; Mahendra R.S. ; Lotliker A.A. ; Srinivasa Kumar T. 
2014Cyclone Phailin enhanced the productivity following its passage: Evidence from satellite dataLotliker A.A. ; Kumar T.S. ; Reddem V.S. ; Nayak S. 
2014Oil pollution in Chilika lagoon: An anthropogenic threat to biodiversityBaliarsingh S.K. ; Sahoo S. ; Acharya A. ; Dalabehera H.B. ; Sahu K.C. ; Lotliker A.A. 
2015Occurrence of a new species of toxic cnidaria (Pelagia noctiluca Forskål, 1775) from estuarine waters of Rushikulya river, Western Bay of BengalBaliarsingh S.K. ; Srichandan S. ; Sahu K.C. ; Lotliker A.A. 
2016Fifteen years of ocean observations with the global Argo arrayRiser S.C. ; Freeland H.J. ; Roemmich D. ; Wijffels S. ; Troisi A. ; Belbéoch M. ; Gilbert D. ; Xu J. ; Pouliquen S. ; Thresher A. ; Le Traon P.-Y. ; Maze G. ; Klein B. ; Ravichandran M. ; Grant F. ; Poulain P.-M. ; Suga T. ; Lim B. ; Sterl A. ; Sutton P. ; Mork K.-A. ; Vélez-Belchí P.J. ; Ansorge I. ; King B. ; Turton J. ; Baringer M. ; Jayne S.R. 
2017Temporal variation of phytoplankton assemblage in estuarine waters: Implication of cyclone PhailinBaliarsingh S.K. ; Srichandan S. ; Lotliker A.A. ; Gracia-Escobar M.F. ; Tripathy M. ; Sahu K.C. ; Srinivasa Kumar T. 
2017Erratum to: Inhibition of mixed-layer deepening during winter in the northeastern Arabian Sea by the West India Coastal Current (Climate Dynamics, (2016), 47, 3-4, (1049-1072), 10.1007/s00382-015-2888-3)Shankar D. ; Remya R. ; Vinayachandran P.N. ; Chatterjee A. ; Behera A. 
2017Erratum to: Ocean atmosphere thermal decoupling in the eastern equatorial Indian ocean (Climate Dynamics, (2017), 49, 1-2, (575-594), 10.1007/s00382-016-3359-1)Joseph S. ; Ravichandran M. ; Praveen Kumar B. ; Jampana R.V. ; Han W. 
2018An Ephemeral Dinoflagellate Bloom during Summer Season in Nearshore Water of Puri, East Coast of IndiaBaliarsingh S.K. ; Dwivedi R. ; Lotliker A.A. ; Jayashankar R. ; Sahu B.K. ; Srichandan S. ; Samanta A. ; Parida C. ; Srinivasakumar T. ; Sahu K.C. 
2018Zooplankton Research in Indian Seas: A ReviewSrichandan S. ; Baliarsingh S.K. ; Prakash S. ; Panigrahy R.C. ; Sahu K.C. 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24