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Title: Thermodynamic structure of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer over the Arabian sea as revealed by MONSOON-77 data
Authors: Parasnis SS
Morwal SB
Keywords: atmospheric boundary layer;MONSOON-77;MONSOON-77 data;thermodynamic structure, Arabian Sea
Issue Date: 1993
Publisher: Boundary-Layer Meteorology
Kluwer Academic Publishers
Source: Volume no: 63
Issue no: 4
Abstract: The thermodynamic structure of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) over the Arabian sea region has been studied with the help of 135 aerological observations obtained during MONSOON-77 in the region (10-14° N, 64-68° E) by USSR research vessels. Low-level inversions were observed over the western Arabian sea region (west of 66° E) in association with suppressed convection. The different sublayers of the ABL, viz. the mixed layer, the cloud layer and the inversion/isothermal/stable layer were identified. The low-level stability analysis indicated that in the region east of 66° E, conditions were favourable for deep convection. The thermodynamic transformation of the boundary layer after precipitation was documented.
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