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Nov- 18520 percent on the most stable days. These differences can be attributed to a combination of large aerosol optical depths, diurnal variation of aerosol optical depth, the deviation from the assumed power law relationship coefficients. The ozone optical depths inferred experimentally from the Chappuis-band method have been used to determine more accurate aerosol optical depths as compared to those routinely to those routinely obtained by using model ozone vertical profiles.
2-Jul-1905Salient Features of the  Weather Prevailing over Indian Region during CAIPEEX Mission  (14 May – 30 September 2009): CAIPEEX ReportMujumdar V.R. ; Kulkarni J.R. 
1-May-1937Investigations on Rayleigh Scattering and Raman EffectAnanthakrishnan R. 
1964Sea-breeze at and near BombayDixit CM ; Nicholsons JR 
1964Interaction between lower and upper tropical tropospheresRaman CRV ; Ramanathan Y 
1964Study of 5-day rainfall of Kolaba district in relation to rainfall of BombaySajnani PP 
1964Meso-scale study of rainfall over Poona and neighbourhoodStaff of IITM Staff of IITM 
1964Electronic computer aids research on Indian Ocean expeditionSuryanarayana R ; Miller ER 
1-Jan-1964Electronic computer aids research on Indian Ocean expeditionSuryanarayana R. ; Miller E.R. 
1-Jan-1964Interaction between lower and upper tropical tropospheresRaman C.R.V. ; Ramanathan ; Y. 
1965ReviewsRamanathan KR ; Pisharoty PR; Krishnan MS ; Jagannathan P 
1965Note on probable development of a transverse force on a tropical cyclone due to its interaction with the steering currentSaha KR 
1965Theoretical study of mountain waves over western ghatsSarker RP 
1965Some aspects of Bay of Bengal cyclone of October 1963Sikka DR ; Gurunadham G ; Anjaneyulu TSS 
1966A Dynamical model of orographic rainfallSarker RP 
1966Movement and life duration of storms and depressions in Bay of Bengal and Arabian seaBedi HS 
1966Cooch-Bihar-Assam Tornadeo of 19 April 1963Saha KR 
1-Jan-1966Dynamical model of orographic rainfallSarker R.P. 
1-May-1966Studies in Upper Atmosphere: “Measurement of Neutral Atmosphere winds above 80 KM”Rao Ramanuja K. 
1-May-1966Transient Response of Anemometers Ramchandran S.