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2012A new insight into crustal heterogeneity beneath the 2001 Bhuj earthquake region of Northwest India and its implications for rupture initiationsSingh AP; Mishra OP ; Yadav RBS; Kumar D
2012A Probabilistic Assessment of Earthquake Hazard Parameters in NW Himalaya and the Adjoining RegionsYadav RBS; Bayrak Y ; Tripathi JN ; Chopra S; Singh AP; Bayrak E 
2012Ambient noise levels in Gujarat State (India) seismic networkKumar S; Chopra S; Choudhury P; Singh AP; Yadav RBS; Rastogi BK
2010An application of regional time and magnitude predictable model for long-term earthquake prediction in the vicinity of October 8, 2005 Kashmir Himalaya earthquakeYadav RBS; Shanker D; Chopra S; Singh AP
2012Deterministic seismic scenario for Gujarat region, IndiaChopra S; Kumar D; Rastogi BK; Choudhury P; Yadav RBS
2012Earthquake Generated Tsunami in the Indian Ocean and Probable Vulnerability Assessment for the East Coast of IndiaSingh AP; Murty TS; Rastogi BK; Yadav RBS
2013Estimation of seismic hazard in Gujarat region, IndiaChopra S; Kumar D; Rastogi BK; Choudhury P; Yadav RBS
2013Estimation of site amplification functions in Gujarat region, IndiaChopra S; Kumar D; Rastogi BK; Choudhury P; Yadav RBS
2013Probabilistic Appraisal of Earthquake Hazard Parameters Deduced from a Bayesian Approach in the Northwest Frontier of the HimalayasYadav RBS; Tsapanos TM ; Bayrak Y; Koravos GC 
2010Probabilistic assessment of earthquake recurrence in northeast India and adjoining regionsYadav RBS; Tripathi JN; Rastogi BK; Das MC; Chopra S
2013Probabilistic Assessment of Tsunami Recurrence in the Indian OceanYadav RBS; Tripathi JN; Kumar TS 
2011Probabilities for the occurrences of medium to large earthquakes in northeast India and adjoining regionYadav RBS; Tripathi JN; Shanker D ; Rastogi BK; Das MC ; Kumar VS
2012Regional variation of the ?-upper bound magnitude of GIII distribution in Hindukush-Pamir Himalaya and the adjacent regions: A perspective on earthquake hazardYadav RBS; Bayrak Y; Tripathi JN; Chopra S; Bayrak E
2012Spatial variation of the aftershock activity across the Kachchh Rift Basin and its seismotectonic implicationsSingh AP; Mishra OP ; Kumar D; Kumar S; Yadav RBS
2012Stochastic finite fault modelling of M w 4.8 earthquake in Kachchh, Gujarat, IndiaChopra S; Kumar D; Choudhury P; Yadav RBS
2012Successful monitoring of the 11 April 2012 tsunami off the coast of Sumatra by Indian Tsunami Early Warning CentreKumar TS ; Nayak S ; Kumar CP ; Yadav RBS; Kumar BA ; Sunanda MV ; Devi EU ; Kiran Kumar N ; Kishore SA ; Shenoi SSC 
2012Tectonic implications and seismicity triggering during the 2008 Baluchistan, Pakistan earthquake sequenceYadav RBS; Gahalaut VK ; Chopra S; Shan B