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1987A bistatic lidar for aerosol studiesDevara PCS ; Ernest Raj P
2007A comparative study of structure of vertical motions in the lower troposphere over Pune, a tropical Indian station in March 2004 and 2005 using Wind Profiler dataDeshpande SM; Ernest Raj P
1995Aerosol-profile measurements in the lower troposphere with four-wavelength bistatic argon-ion lidarDevara PCS ; Ernest Raj P; Pandithurai G 
2012Carbon dioxide and water vapour characteristics on the west coast of Arabian Sea during Indian summer monsoonDharmaraj T; Patil MN; Waghmare RT; Ernest Raj P
2011Characterization of aerosols and pre-cursor gases over Maitri during 24th Indian Antarctica ExpeditionDevara PCS ; Sonbawne SM ; Dani KK ; Saha SK; Ernest Raj P
2013CloudSat-CALIPSO characterizations of cloud during the active and the break periods of Indian summer monsoonDas SK; Uma KN; Konwar M; Ernest Raj P; Deshpande SM; Kalapureddy MCR
2001Comparison of atmospheric aerosol properties inferred from direct and remote-sensing techniquesMaheskumar RS ; Devara PCS ; Ernest Raj P; Pandithurai G ; Dani KK ; Momin GA
2009Identification of aerosol type over the Arabian Sea in the premonsoon season during the Integrated Campaign for Aerosols, Gases and Radiation Budget (ICARB)Kalapureddy MCR ; Kaskaoutis DG ; Ernest Raj P; Devara PCS ; Kambezidis HD ; Kosmopoulos PG ; Nastos PT 
2014In search of influence of stratospheric Quasi-Biennial Oscillation on tropical cyclones tracks over the Bay of Bengal regionFadnavis S; Ernest Raj P; Buchunde P; Goswami BN
2014Inter-comparison of wind profiles in the tropical boundary layer remotely sensed from GPS radiosonde and Doppler wind lidarRuchith RD; Kalapureddy MCR; Deshpande S; Dani KK ; Ernest Raj P
2011Lidar remote sensing of the mixed layer height over a tropical urban Indian stationErnest Raj P; Kalapureddy MCR; Jaya Rao Y ; Sonbawne SM ; Dani KK ; Devara PCS 
2013Long-term trends and decadal solar variability in ozone near the tropopause over the Indian regionFadnavis S; Iyer U; Ernest Raj P
2012Long-term trends and variability in measured multi-spectral aerosol optical depth over a tropical urban station in IndiaDani KK ; Ernest Raj P; Devara PCS ; Pandithurai G ; Sonbawne SM ; Maheskumar RS; Saha SK; Jaya Rao Y
2013Microphysical characteristics of clouds and precipitation during pre-monsoon and monsoon period over a tropical Indian stationChakravarty K; Ernest Raj P; Bhattacharya A; Maitra A
2011Modulation of Cyclone tracks in the Bay of Bengal by QBOFadnavis S; Chakraborty T; Ghude SD; Beig G; Ernest Raj P
1994Remote sensing of atmospheric aerosol in the nocturnal boundary layer using lidarDevara PCS ; Ernest Raj P; Sharma S
1989Remote sounding of aerosols in the lower atmosphere using a bistatic CW helium-neon lidarDevara PCS ; Ernest Raj P
2014Simulation of severe thunder storm event: A case study over Pune, IndiaFadnavis S; Deshpande M; Ghude SD; Ernest Raj P
2014Time evolution of monsoon low-level jet observed over an Indian tropical station during the peak monsoon period from high-resolution Doppler wind lidar measurementsRuchith RD; Ernest Raj P; Kalapureddy MCR; Deshpande SM; Dani KK 
2013Ventilation coefficient trends in the recent decades over four major Indian metropolitan citiesIyer US ; Ernest Raj P