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2011Heterogeneous microbial oceanographic environments: Application of GIS technology in deciphering of microenvironment scenarios off the central west coast of IndiaRaghavan BR ; Nayak SR ; Shylini SK ; Deepthi T ; Sadatipour SMT ; Chauhan P ; Srinivasakumar T ; Lotliker A ; Venkat Reddy D ; Kumaraswami M ; Ashwini S ; Nisaj M 
2010Spring inter monsoon algal blooms in the Eastern Arabian sea: Shallow marine encounter off Karwar and Kumbla Coast using a Hyperspectral radiometerRaghavan BR ; Deepthi T; Ashwini S; Shylini SK ; Kumarswami M ; Kumar S; Lotliker AA 
2006Summer Chlorophyll - A distribution in eastern Arabian Sea off Karnataka - Goa coast from Satellite and in-situ observationsRaghavan BR ; Raman M ; Chauhan P ; Sunil Kumar B ; Shylini SK ; Mahendra RS ; Nayak SR