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2010Analysis of IRS-P4 OCM data for estimating the suspended sediment concentrations along the Mangalore Coast, IndiaWarakish GSD ; Natesan U ; Nayak SR ; Chauhan P ; Nagur CRC 
2005Bifurcation of the East India Coastal Current east of Sri LankaVinayachandran PN; Kagimoto T ; Masumoto Y; Chauhan P ; Nayak SR ; Yamagata T
The study area coastal zone of Nellore district is experiencing frequent inundation by natural disasters. The current study is focused on generating Multi-hazard vulnerability map using the parameters historical storm surge heights, future sea level, future shoreline and high resolution coastal topography. The area is experiencing the severe coastal erosion up to 7 m/y along some stretches poses a threat. An area totaling 1708.36 sq. km. is found to fall under the multi-hazard zone and the coastal population are under threat due to future storms, erosion, accelerated sea level rise, etc. The image enhancement, interpretation and GIS overlay techniques along with data used here are effective to produce Multi-hazard vulnerability maps. These Maps are become vital tools for the coastal disaster management during an event and to take suitable decision on the future developments.Coastal Multi-hazard vulnerability mapping: A case study along the coast of Nellore District, East Coast of IndiaMahendra RS ; Mohanty PC; Srinivasa Kumar T ; Shenoi SSC ; Nayak SR 
2013Comparison of Grid Averaged Altimeter and Buoy Significant Wave Heights in the Northern Indian OceanSabique L; Balakrishnan Nair TM; Srinivas K; Nayak SR 
2004Detection and monitoring of Trichodesmium blooms in coastal waters off Saurashtra coast, India using IRS-P4OCM data1G/SarSarangi RK; Chauhan Prakash ; Nayak SR 
2005Evaluation of remote-sensing-based potential fishing zones (PFZs) forecast methodologySolank HU ; Mankodi PC ; Nayak SR ; Somvansh VS 
2011Heterogeneous microbial oceanographic environments: Application of GIS technology in deciphering of microenvironment scenarios off the central west coast of IndiaRaghavan BR ; Nayak SR ; Shylini SK ; Deepthi T ; Sadatipour SMT ; Chauhan P ; Srinivasakumar T ; Lotliker A ; Venkat Reddy D ; Kumaraswami M ; Ashwini S ; Nisaj M 
2009Low-Scale Foreshore Morphodynamic Processes in the Vicinity of a Tropical Estuary at Honnavar, Central West Coast of IndiaHegde VS; Shalini G; Nayak SR ; Rajawat AS; Surynarayana A ; Jaykumar S ; Koli BK ; Girish GK 
2008Monthly variability of chlorophyll and associated physical parameters in the southwest Bay of Bengal water using remote sensing dataSarangi RK ; Nayak SR ; Panigraphy RC 
2009Phytoplankton bloom due to cyclone Sidr in the central Bay of BengalTummala SK ; Mupparthy RS ; Kumar M. N ; Nayak SR 
2002Retrieval of sea surface velocities using sequential Ocean Colour Monitor (OCM) dataPrasad JS; Rajawat AS; Yaswant Pradhan; Chauhan OS; Nayak SR 
2006Summer Chlorophyll - A distribution in eastern Arabian Sea off Karnataka - Goa coast from Satellite and in-situ observationsRaghavan BR ; Raman M ; Chauhan P ; Sunil Kumar B ; Shylini SK ; Mahendra RS ; Nayak SR