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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
199402.O.02 Investigations of aerosol optical depth variations using spectroradiometer at an urban station, Pune, IndiaDevara PCS ; Pandithurai G ; Raj PE ; Sharma S
1987A bistatic lidar for aerosol studiesDevara PCS ; Ernest Raj P
1998A lidar study of atmospheric aerosols during two contrasting monsoon seasonsDevara PCS ; Raj PE 
2009A study of lightning activity over land and oceanic regions of IndiaNath A; Manohar GK ; Dani KK ; Devara PCS 
2012A wavelet-based spectral analysis of long-term time series of optical properties of aerosols obtained by lidar and radiometer measurements over an urban station in Western IndiaPal S; Devara PCS 
2011Absorbing aerosols facilitate transition of Indian monsoon breaks to active spellsManoj MG; Devara PCS ; Safai PD; Goswami BN
2009Acidity of raindrop by uptake of gases and aerosol pollutantsChate DM; Devara PCS 
1989Active remote sensing of the atmosphere using lasersDevara PCS 
1997Advances in atmospheric, hydrographic and vegetation remote sensing with lidarDevara PCS ; Raj PE ; Pandithurai G ; Maheskumar RS ; Dani KK 
2011Aerosol characteristics during the coolest june month over new delhi, northern indiaKumar A; Tiwari S; Bisht DS; Devara PCS ; Goloub P; Li Z ; Srivastava MK
2008Aerosol characteristics during winter fog at Agra, North IndiaSafai PD; Kewat S ; Pandithurai G ; Praveen PS; Ali K; Tiwari S; Rao PSP; Budhawant KB ; Saha SK ; Devara PCS 
2016Aerosol characteristics in the UTLS region: A satellite-based study over north IndiaSrivastava AK; Misra A ; Kanawade VP; Devara PCS 
2012Aerosol characterization: Comparison between measured and modeled surface radiative forcing over Bay of BengalKumar S; Devara PCS 
2010Aerosol chemistry over a high altitude station at northeastern Himalayas, IndiaChatterjee A; Adak A; Singh AK; Srivastava MK; Ghosh SK; Tiwari S; Devara PCS ; Raha S
2012Aerosol features during drought and normal monsoon years: A study undertaken with multi-platform measurements over a tropical urban siteVijayakumar K; Devara PCS ; Simha CP
2012Aerosol indirect effect during the aberrant Indian Summer Monsoon breaks of 2009Manoj MG; Devara PCS ; Joseph S; Sahai AK
1995Aerosol lidar studies at a tropical Indian urban stationDevara PCS ; Raj PE ; Sharma S; Pandithurai G 
2002Aerosol optical depth and ozone variations during the total solar eclipse of 24 October 1995Dani KK ; Devara PCS 
2008Aerosol optical depth variability over Arabian Sea during drought and normal years of Indian monsoonRahul PRC ; Salvekar PS ; Devara PCS 
2008Aerosol optical depth, ozone and water vapor measurements over Gadanki, a tropical station in peninsular IndiaSrivastava AK; Devara PCS ; Rao YJ; Bhavanikumar Y ; Rao DN