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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994All-India monthly and seasonal rainfall series: 1871-1993Parthasarathy B ; Munot AA; Kothawale DR 
1982An index of summer monsoon rainfall excess over India and its variability: 1871-1978Mooley DA ; Parthasarathy B ; Sontakke NA 
1981Annual rain-water over India, its variability and impact on the economy.Mooley DA ; Parthasarathy B ; Sontakke NA ; Munot AA
1967Cold waves over northwest India and neighbourhoodBedi HS ; Parthasarathy B 
1983Droughts and floods over India in summer monsoon seasons 1871- 1980.Street-Perrott Alayne ; Beran Max ; Ratcliffe Robert ; Mooley DA ; Parthasarathy B 
1994Droughts over homogeneous regions of India : 1871-1990Parthasarathy B ; Munot AA; Kothawale DR 
1984Droughts over peninsular India during 1861-1980 and associated circulation featuresMooley DA ; Parthasarathy B ; Sontakke NA 
1987Droughts/floods in the summer monsoon season over different meteorological subdivisions of India for the period 1871-1984.Parthasarathy B ; Sontakke NA ; Monot AA ; Kothawale DR 
1988El Nino/SST of Puerto Chicama and Indian summer monsoon rainfall : Statistical relationshipsParthasarathy B ; Sontakke NA 
1991Evidence of secular variations in Indian monsoon rainfall circulation relationshipsParthasarathy B ; Rupa Kumar K; Munot AA
1986Extreme monsoonal rainfall deficits in IndiaGregory S ; Parthasarathy B 
1984Fluctuations in All-India summer monsoon rainfall during 1871-1978Mooley DA ; Parthasarathy B 
1972Fluctuations in the aridity over Rajasthan and neighbourhoodParthasarathy B ; Rakhecha PR 
1982Fluctuations in the deficiency of the summer monsoon over India, and their effect on economyMooley DA ; Parthasarathy B 
1972Fluctuations in the seasonal oscillations of temperature in IndiaJagannathan P; Parthasarathy B 
1992Forecast of rainy season foodgrain production based on monsoon rainfallParthasarathy B ; Rupa Kumar K; Munot AA
1993Homogeneous Indian Monsoon rainfall: Variability and predictionParthasarathy B ; Kumar KR ; Munot AA
1984Indian rainfall in relation to the sunspot cycle: 1871-1978.Ananthakrishnan R; Parthasarathy B 
1983Indian summer monsoon and El Nino.Mooley DA ; Parthasarathy B 
1984Indian summer monsoon and the east equatorial pacific sea surface temperatureMooley DA ; Parthasarathy B