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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994A study of heavy rainfall of 8-10 June, 1991 over Maharashtra, IndiaKulkami AK ; Mandal BN ; Sangam RB
1981A study of maximum and probable maximum rainfall over Uttarakhand Himalayas and its neighbourhood.Dhar ON; Kulkarni AK; Mandal BN 
1982Absence of tropical disturbances and rainfall distribution during the summer monsoon months over IndiaDhar ON; Mandal BN ; Rakhecha PR 
1985Analysis of hourly rainfall distribution of Karanja catchmentRakhecha PR ; Mandal BN ; Ramanamurty BhV
1991Analysis of severe rainstorm of 23-25 July 1989 over northern half of the Indian PeninsulaKulkarni AK; Mandal BN ; Sangam RB
1987Appraisal of the heavy rainfall and the highest floods in BiharDhar ON; Mandal BN ; Kulkarni AK
1980Brief appraisal of Indias worst recorded floodsDhar ON; Ghose GC; Mandal BN 
1990Brief appraisal of rainfall distribution in the two regions of Jammu and Kashmir stateDhar ON; Mandal BN ; Kulkarni BD
1987Brief appraisal of severe rainstorms of Madhya Pradesh region for the optimum development of its water resourcesDhar ON; Mandal BN ; Mulye SS
1990Design storm estimation of Ponnaiyer river catchment above Sathanur dam siteRakhecha PR ; Kulkarni AK; Mandal BN ; Sangam RB
1995Design storm studies for the Upper Krishna river catchment upstream of the Almatti dam siteRakhecha PR ; Deshpande NR; Kulkarni AK; Mandal BN ; Sangam RB
1997Design storm study of Tungabhadra River catchment above the Gauging Site - 27Rakhecha PA ; Kulkarni AK; Deshpande NR; Sangam RB; Mandal BN ; Nandargi S
1980Does the early or late onset of monsoon provide any clue to subsequent rainfall during the monsoon season?Dhar ON; Rakhecha PR ; Mandal BN 
1977Estimation of design storm for Subarnarekha basin upto Chandil and Ghatsila dam sitesDhar ON; Rakhecha PR ; Mandal BN 
1973Estimation of number of hours during a day with temperatures above threshold valueAppa Rao G; Mandal BN ; Sangam RB
1983Estimation of peak flood at Machhu-2 dam on the day of disaster of 11 August 1979Rakhecha PR ; Mandal BN 
1995Estimation of probable maximum precipitation for catchments in eastern India by a generalized methodRakhecha PR ; Mandal BN ; Kulkarni AK; Deshpande NR
2008Extreme rainfall analysis and estimation of probable maximum precipitation (PMP) by statistical methods over the Indus river basin in IndiaDeshpande NR; Kulkarni BD; Verma AK ; Mandal BN 
1981Greatest observed one-day point and areal rainfall of IndiaDhar ON; Mandal BN 
1981Greatest observed one-day point and areal rainfall of India.Dhar ON; Mandal BN